Make Your "To Do"...Done!

1) Organize tax documents and complete tax organizer

2) Track Spending and create a budget

3) Review and summarize monthly statements

4) Create or update net worth statement

5) Review account registrations and beneficiaries. If needed, change

6) Change name on all accounts and assets

7) Finish financial planner’s to do list

8) Finish estate attorney’s to do list

9) Finish divorce attorney’s to do list

10) Organize home improvement receipts for cost basis adjustment

11) Create an insurance binder with policies, receipts, and certficates of authenticity

12) Add insurance, credit/debit card, and subscription renewal dates to calendar

Organize • Review • Complete Important Documents

We know your life is constantly changing.
Solutions for Life's Events can help you handle life's changes!

Prospective clients usually ask me about my experience and how I came to start this particular business. So here is a little about me and why I started Solutions For Life's Events.

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It's that dreaded time of year again, yep…tax time. You've received your W2s, 1099s, 1095Bs, et al and you can't remember where you put them or if you've even gotten them at all.

Don't you wish you could hand someone that stack of paperwork to organize and prepare it for your CPA?

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You did the responsible thing and made an appointment with a financial planner or you’ve already met with them. Now you have a mile long "to do list." When are you going to have time to put those statements together, track your expenses and add/or change the beneficiaries on your bank accounts, investment accounts and retirement accounts?

Well, here’s some good news. You don't have to find the time, because I'll do it for you.

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Name Changes For Marriage

You spent months planning your wedding and finally your big day has come and gone. Now… you’re married!  After all the family gatherings and celebrating, you finally have time to relax. Then it hits you; you're now somebody’s someone.  You spent so much time stressing over the finest details of your dream day, you have no energy left to go through all the steps it takes to change your name. There are many documents and licenses you’ll need to change and you're not even sure where to begin.  Let me take this task off your "to do list.”  I can help you organize and get you through the process of legally changing your name.

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Divorce/Dissolution of a Relationship

You've spent months of hassle and heartache in a legal tug of war and finally, your divorce is final. Now you realize there's still a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed. You'll need to change the account registrations on your investments and bank accounts. You'll need to update the beneficiaries on your accounts. Don't forget your IDs, your driver's license and registration for your vehicle, car insurance and updating your credit cards. When will you have time to do all of these things and where will you find the energy?

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Estate Attorney To Do List

You met with an estate attorney and now you have a will, a living will, a Power of Attorney, and maybe even a trust. Now even more work begins for you; the attorney wants you to change the account registrations on your investment accounts, bank accounts and update beneficiaries. Who has the time to find out what is needed to complete forms, make changes and organize your records?
I have the time and I'm here to assist you.

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