- About Lanette -

Prospective clients usually ask me about my experience and how I came to start this particular business. So here is a little about me and why I started Solutions For Life's Events.

I graduated from Ohio University (Athens, OH) with a Bachelor of Business Administration with dual majors (International Business and Finance.) I began my career working in Long Term Care (LTC) underwriting in Nashville, TN and then Clearwater, FL. After gaining some experience, I joined a financial planning firm where I stayed for 17 years, serving in various roles before leaving to become a personal/executive assistant for the owner of a local company. While working for the financial planning firm I obtained my Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation from The American College, and my Registered Paraplanner (now FPQP) designation from College for Financial Planning.

The one thing all of my jobs has had in common was paperwork. When I worked in LTC, I reviewed applications. When I worked in financial planning, I assisted clients by completing paperwork for various account and financial transactions. As an assistant, I helped the owner of the company I worked for complete, submit, and organize his paperwork. After 20 years of dealing with paperwork, the one thing I've realized is that most people hate doing paperwork. They also don't like figuring out how to organize it so they can find what they need when they need it.

In January 2021, I was presented with the opportunity to increase my role within the business but I decided to start my own personal assistant/executive assistant business instead. I realized that I like to help people complete their paperwork, get it submitted, and then organize it so it's there when they need it. In February of 2021, I officially started my own business to help people with the paperwork that comes with daily life and work. If you have a to do list for paperwork that needs to be completed, filed, and/or organized, please contact me for a free consultation and we'll see how I can help you Make Your To Do.....Done!