- Divorce/Dissolution of a Relationship -

You've spent months of hassle and heartache in a legal tug of war and finally, your divorce is final. Now you realize there's still a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed. You'll need to change the account registrations on your investments and bank accounts. You'll need to update the beneficiaries on your accounts. Don't forget your IDs, your driver's license and registration for your vehicle, car insurance and updating your credit cards. When will you have time to do all of these things and where will you find the energy?

Let me take care of this for you. All I'll need is a copy of the list you received from your attorney and I'll help you with all the paperwork and organize it so you can update everything easily and quickly.

If you are interested in securing my help with your divorce "to do" list, please contact me.

Possible things that will need to be done:

  • Change account registrations on brokerage, credit card, and bank accounts.
  • Change beneficiaries on brokerage, bank, life insurance, IRA, 401K, and pension accounts.
  • Reconcile account statements to make sure assets and/or debts were split correctly.
  • Update auto insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, medical insurance, etc.
  • Update auto title and/or house deed